Workshops and Events

Potential Workshops:

If you'd like to see any of these workshops happen in a town near you,

 please contact us ASAP. Our goal is to provide workshops on a yearly basis. 

Adapting Big Adventure for small spaces

Every RT loves the exciting potential that a ropes course or adventure programing has, but not all of us are in situations that allows us to bring our patients to these experiences. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean we have to abandon them wholesale and just find other modalities. What are some ways we can still approximate adventure within our limited arenas? Lets explore some adaptations together.


Sock Monkeys Etc.

Creating a sock monkey (or any sock critter really) can be a fascinating modality with meaningful results for many different populations. Come learn a number of ways to make sock critters, the different themes one might employ to achieve various goals and objectives, and walk away with an exciting new curriculum. 

Putting the "rt" in aRT
Many Recreation Therapists like to use arts and crafts in their practices because most people enjoy such a diverse leisure pursuit. But how can we use the modality in a way that is meaningful and at the same time, stay within the scope of our practice (and not poach on the powerful world of Art Therapy)? Come learn how to use art from a solidly Rec Therapy position and get lots and lots of ideas about what that might look like.

Past Workshops:

Helping Self helpers
0.45 CEU's
April 1, 2017
Copperview Recreation Center
Midvale, Ut

Quality Communication
0.4 CEU's
March 5, 2016
Copperview Recreation Center
Midvale, Ut

Revamping Fundamental Interventions

0.6 CEU's

July 23, 2016 

Southern Utah Veteran’s Home - Ivin’s

St. George, Utah