what's Recreation Therapy?

A CTRS is a professional who uses recreation as a modality to bring about positive change in people's lives. That’s a pretty generic answer so lets look a bit closer than that. 

Jeremiah’s personal philosophy of Recreation Therapy:

Rec Therapists combine two really powerful truths in their practice. 

The first is that play is healthy and healing, regardless of age, gender, social status, creed or nationality.

The second is an understanding that any given experience can have (upon reflection) personal and profound meaning.

~ PLAY ~

We all begin life knowing the basic principle that all Recreation Therapists feel deeply:

Playing around is good for the soul!

As kids, we play. Play consumes the majority of children's time and energy. Play for the child helps define self, family, relationships, community and society. I could go on and on about statistics and studies about play but that would be unnecessary - because we all know inherently what they show: 

Playing around is important and powerful to the human experience!

Playing around doesn't get any less important as we grow older - it just gets more expensive! :) We may call it different things - leisure, pastime, recreation, amusement, entertainment; but it all amounts to the same thing in the end - PLAY!

As adults, play still feels good and is important to our quality of life. We use it to cope and redefine and connect. We understand that play can be used as a tool to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and outlook. But just because we know the value of something doesn’t mean we always use it.


Both of my parents were Montessori teachers, so it is of little wonder that I firmly believe in the power of experience to teach. In their classrooms they used experience to train young minds not only about scholastic basics but also about HOW to learn. The Montessori method encourages the student to learn through sensory-motor activities, working with physical materials in prescribed ways to develop a child’s cognitive powers through direct experience. Throughout the process the child begins to organize his or her thought processes and by interacting with the learning materials he or she will eventually make the application of his or her knowledge to real-world experiences. Experience is the real teacher.

While earning my Recreation Therapy degree I discovered a very interesting idea: 

All experiences can or will have meaning.

Our past experience informs and directly impacts our current decision-making processes. Our history shapes our world view, our emotional states, and it limits the emotional resources currently available within us. Our behavior, our choices, our paradigms all stem from our experience.

 This is where the THERAPY part of Recreation Therapy comes in  - if one is helped to look closely, behavior and experience can hold vast amounts of important information.

As a CTRS, my education and training are to use 'playing around' in intentional ways to provide powerful and meaningful experiences that help a human examine their behaviors in an effort to find some of the answers they may be seeking or needing. Where my parents used experience to teach basic academic fundamentals, in my therapy I use experience to educate about life principles.

I believe that we already have the answers to the problems we face in life - we just need help recognizing them. 

There IS a part of us that has the information and wisdom we need to solve the challenges we currently face. The complication comes in trying to understand the messages. The part of us that has the answers is constantly trying to share those answers with the part of us that makes the decisions. We just don't always know how to pay attention. This is where the CTRS comes in.

It is through guidance and support during the reflection process that a skilled CTRS, such as myself, can help a person interpret these personal messages and make therapeutic progress.

We help you play, then we help you learn from the play. Its a good gig.

 If you'd like to watch a movie of testimonials from past participants about the power of Recreation Therapy please click here: