What can I do
 for you?

That's a good question. I have two services I’m qualified to provide. I can be a CTRS and do therapy with your population or I can be a consultant/educator for other Recreation Therapy professionals.

The first applies individuals who are in charge of a group of humans and would like some help in improving their functioning as a group (i.e. a boss, a coach, a parent, etc).

I believe that humans desperately need other humans - I believe that to be well-connected to each other is pivotal to quality living and the human experience.

I love being part of the exploration of those human bonds and discussing the things that need to go into our relationships to make them happy and healthy. I do a good job at creating a safe, energized and dynamic setting where we can talk comfortably about the elements and "how-to's" of being connected, making healthy choices, and gaining personal insight.

The other thing I love is the process of coming up with new and fun experiences that will generate things to talk about. I very much enjoy the challenge of creating a nuanced experience that will highlight important life principles. I regularly collect ideas and I genuinely have fun imagining up ways to use enjoyable activities that teach about life principles. My creativity is a gift from God and I love to use it to serve others.

I can work with just about anyone. Where there are people who need to work together, I can help. Whether they be families of all shapes, sizes and constellations, client groups or students of all ages, business/working processionals, athletic teams of any type, clubs, support groups, coalitions, etc! If you've got people, I've got ideas and resources.

So, you tell me. What do you need to happen in your group? What things do you feel your people need to experience and learn about? What is it you'd want to accomplish? Lets come up with a plan and have some fun.

The second applies directly to my fellow CTRS’s. I run workshops and presentations that offer pre-approved CEU’s that can apply to our recertification through NCTRC. Please see my Workshops and Events link for upcoming details.

If there are any presentations or workshops you've seen in the past and would like to see offered again (or if you have any requests for future events) please don't hesitate to contact me.