So, about me ....

I've worked in a lot of different places over the past few years, in a number of different roles, and learned a lot from each company. For a more succinct and professional listing just scroll down to the bottom for my resume.


I started at a wilderness program called Distant Drums. That was a 'wilderness only' program where the clients were sent out to live off the great out doors for a few months. I operated as a resource for them - we found the next campsite together, made our rustic meals together, learned about American Indian craft-making, got lost a couple of times together, etc. It was my beginning and it was a very good one.


The next place I worked in was a place called The Journey; Blazing New Trails. It was a company that offered a continuum of care for adjudicated male teenagers - with residential treatment centers for short-term early intervention to long-term therapy based programming, as well as outpatient groups/therapy. The boys were typically adjudicated for substance abuse and social misconduct. I worked with that company for 4+ years, and worked in the majority of the programs they provided. I worked as line staff, trek staff, on-site resident staff, supervisor, and group supervisor/group leader. This is where I got a very good taste of what I could do and what I was capable of.

Winter of 2009

I then completed my internship at a place called Maple Lake Academy. It was a residential treatment center for adolescent females with ASD and other learning disorders. THAT was an amazing experience as well. I had a truly amazing mentor who really lived Recreational Therapy and showed me how to do the same. 

During that time I also worked in Heber City, UT working with their substance abuse groups (for both adolescents and adults) and at Utah Valley Women's Domestic Violence Shelter with the kids there. I got a lot of exposure and experience and developed into a competent professional as a result. 

After graduating and obtaining my certification from NCTRC I moved to Arizona to look for work as a brand sparkling new Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Spring 2009

Upon moving to Arizona I got a job working with a small team of Rec Therapists a Level 1 Residential Treatment Center in central Phoenix, AZ called Youth Development Institute. I oversaw the administration of weekly Recreation Therapy programming to the adolescent sex offenders/victim units (among many other things). As you might imagine, it was tough work for both me and my clients, but the rewards were well worth the effort. I worked here until the spring of 2013.

Spring 2013

My family moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the spring of 2014 and I found employment in neighboring Washington DC at Hospital for Sick Children, Pediatric Center. I worked with an amazing team of Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Child Life Specialists and a whole bunch of really cute youngsters from ages 3 months to 21 years old. It was a definite change of pace for me to transition from behavioral therapy to physical therapy but I appreciated the development I was forced to make and the opportunity I had to experience the versatility of my profession. 

Winter 2014 - October 2014

In January 2014 I made the difficult decision to transfer from distant DC to near-by Medstar Franklin Square Hospital where I worked on the Emergency Psych Unit. I worked closely with my co-facilitator/ fellow CTRS to develop programming for both the adolescent and adult psych units that addressed their real-time needs and capacities. It was challenging and very rewarding work.

November 2014 - Present

My family decided that we needed to go back to Arizona and in Novemberish of 2014 I became employed at Phoenix Children's Hospital, on the Inpatient Psychiatry unit. I've been working here for the past few years and it is of course very rewarding and also challenging work to keep up with the kiddos in our care - but I like to think it keeps me young and humble... and anyone who has worked with kids knows there is an added emphasis on the humble part. 

Additional Qualifications:

For the past 7 years I have presented annually at the URTA Recreation Therapy conference. Here is a brief list of topics covered:

  • 2009 Family Therapeutic Assignments 
  • 2010 Preserving Wisdom: How to make it stick
  • 2011 “Quality Processing - The mark of a powerful Rec Therapist”
  • 2012 Incorporating Books into a Recreation Therapy Practice
  • 2013 “Multi-Media Rec Therapy - new age interventions”
  • 2014 “Using Sock Monkey’s in Recreation Therapy
  • 2015 “Using good ol' card and board games in new TR ways”
  • 2016 “aRT- how to appropriately use experiential art in a RT program”
  • 2017 "Dollar Store Therapy - thrifty inventions with nifty conventions"

I've also received my Level 1 Ropes course facilitator training, speak spanish, got my eagle scout at 13, teach yoga, like to cook, used to hang glide, I'm developing my water color skills, and have written a chapter for one of Dr. David Austin's textbooks ... in case you're impressed by those kinds of thing.